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CALL US NOW ON 1300 723 796

Our Armadale Locksmith crew understand that locksmith emergencies are often things that cannot wait.
If you are looking for a reliable & fast Armadale locksmith emergency service to attend to your locksmithing needs quickly, saving you time and money, look no further than our qualified & experienced professional Locksmiths.
Our Locksmiths are true locals available 24/7, everyday of the year. This means you will get a fast response time and attention to detail.
Because they care about your home security.

Your true local Armadale Locksmith providers have been providing the corporate and residential communities of Armadale with a fast, efficient and professional locksmith service for over 35 years. The Armadale team is kept busy providing domestic and commercial locksmithing and electronic security services. Being in the local Armadale area ensures regular work within the Armadale precinct and surrounding areas such as Footscray, Gardenvale, Northcote, and Windsor.

Our mobile locksmith Armadale service is the preferred local supplier for many of Armadale residents. We have helped thousands of satisfied customers over many years and our Armadale locksmith service operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year round. Because we are local, we can be on site to assist your locksmith emergency within a short time from your call.

Our Armadale Locksmith Service Includes:
  • Workplace security and safety is important to protecting your staff, business and property.
  • By using good common sense and taking into consideration our Armadale locksmith crews’ advise, you can reduce the risk of your business being targeted
  • Ensure all external doors are fitted with high quality commercial grade deadlocks to prevent break-ins
  • Check that all sliding glass doors or balcony doors have lockable locks and lockable bolts, and they secure the door as they are intended to do
  • Check that all windows have lockable window locks installed no matter if they’re aluminum sliding windows, awning windows, casement windows or slide up & down sash windows
  • If you have an alarm, ensure the alarm or CCTV surveillance systems are working and well maintained
  • Make sure all your office valuables are kept in a commercial office safe. If you dont have a safe, it would be wise to invest in one. Good quality safes give 24 hour protection all year around to provide both fire and burglary protection, and they are cheaper now than ever before
  • Make sure all door locks are on a restricted key system that gives you full control over access to your premises, and keys cannot be cut without your authority or knowledge
  • Consider a key control cabinet to keep track of your keys and make sure they’re locked away when not in use. Their electronic key control cabinets with advanced features to make controlling large numbers of keys simple and easy.
  • Our Security consultants can provide security risks safety audits and provide written advice if upgrading is needed to ensure compliance with relevant building codes
  • Fire-compliant lock systems that are high security and fit fire regulation standards, as well as fire-rated escape
  • Restricted Master Key Systems custom-designed to suit your specific business needs
  • High-security door locks, key in lever locksets, key in knob locksets, locking handles and locking systems for all types of commercial building and industrial premise.
  • External and internal emergency door opening and closing systems emergency exit devices and door closers
  • Heavy duty commercial grade Door blocker plates designed to prevent attack on doors or electric door strikes
  • Garage door, roller shutters and roller door locks
  • Gate locks and Heavy duty padlocks
  • Burglary and Fire-rated safes, supplying and installing servicing, repairing and combination changes
  • Opening, repairing or replacing all types of locks
  • Rekeying commercial lock sets and door hardware
  • Cutting filing cabinet keys, drawer keys and letter box keys
  • Designing and installing Access Control systems and CCTV to buildings including swipe cards, keyless entry locks, and electronic digital key-pads
  • Conducting security risk surveys
  • It is also the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment for your staff. That includes making sure all building regulation codes comply with the standards such as fire/exit door hardware and locks, double and single panic exit door devices and emergency egress exit pathway doors. Our Armadale locksmith advisers have the technical knowledge to give practical advice to make sure your locking systems is complaint.

  • Opening Locks, repairing locks or replacing locks
  • Re-keying locks, changing cylinders or recoding locksets
  • Supplying and fitting door locks, door hardware or sliding door locks
  • Installation and fitting sliding door or lockable patio door locks
  • Letter box and filing cabinet keys
  • Supplying padlocks, gate locks, shed locks, garage door locks or security door locks
  • Fitting deadlocks, deadbolts, deadlatches and lockable window locks
  • Supplying, installing and repairing home safes
  • Assessing home security risks and providing security solutions
  • Fitting and supplying electronic keyless entry lock sets
  • Break-in repairs
  • Melbourne Emergency Armadale locksmith after hour service

  • You won’t make your house absolutely burglar proof, but you can make every entry so difficult that a burglar will go elsewhere – remember criminals don’t like delay, risk or noise. Make entry difficult by calling our locksmith Armadale team who will provide expert advice based on years of experience servicing customers with similar security needs as yours.
  • Have good deadlocks on all external doors
  • Fit Lockable keyed window locks on all windows
  • Have a Security door chain and door viewer installed to help check the identity of strangers
  • Minimize shrubbery around your home and have good movement detector lighting
  • If you lose a key or move into a new premises get the locks or cylinder altered so the old keys no longer work
  • Secure your valuables in a good quality burglary and fire resistant home safe
  • Install locks or padlocks on gates and sheds. You can increase the safety of your home easily and relatively inexpensively. The many new and improved deadlocks, deadlatches and window locks available now for your home provide excellent security and will delay a prowler to the point that he will go elsewhere. So if your locks are very old they probably provide little security and should be replaced. With most lock replacements they usually can retro fit using the same mounting holes, this makes lock replacement surprisingly easy.

Emergency Locksmiths 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We’ve been in business for over 35 years and have always been the preferred local locksmith in Armadale and surrounding areas.

Our Armadale locksmith team are experienced professional locksmiths. They have the knowledge and skill to provide expert advice based on years of experience.

We have one of the largest network of mobile emergency locksmiths in Armadale so we can guarantee a immediate rapid response to your site.

At our Armadale locksmith service our locksmiths are licensed professionals qualified by training and experts in the locksmith industry.

All our locksmiths operations are in accordance with quality assured work instructions and documented policies and procedures.

All our locksmith work is backed by our 100% Expert workmanship policy so you can be assured of complete satisfaction when using the Armadale locksmith team.

We carry the all necessary public liability insurance.

All our locksmith work is backed by our 100% Expert workmanship policy so you can be assured of complete satisfaction when using the Armadale locksmith team.

We carry the all necessary public liability insurance.