Lose or break your key? Call for our South Yarra Lock Re-Keying Service

Sometimes, often when you least expect it, you’ll lose one of your keys, or have the key break off inside your lock of your home or office. If you reside in South Yarra, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can get fast and affordable assistance from your local Safeguard Locksmiths team.

When most people lose, or break a key, their immediate concern is that they’ll have to replace their entire lock and key system at a great cost. With Safeguard Locksmiths, we can offer you a re-keying service that is quick and affordable.

Lock re-keying is the process of altering a lock in the case of a lost key, or also retrieving the broken key part from inside the lock without damaging the lock’s mechanism. When we re-key a lock, the lock mechanism will only unlock with a new set of keys, which is important when you’ve had a key stolen.

Emergency Lock Re-keying in South Yarra

If you find that you need our lock-rekeying service outside of standard working hours, or during the weekend, call our 24/7 emergency locksmith services and we’ll come to you as soon as possible. Our emergency service guarantee is that you won’t wait longer than an hour for one of our professional locksmiths to come to your premises, through our Locksmiths South Yarra branch, we are never far away when you are in need.

When we arrive to re-key your lock, we bring with us our mobile locksmith equipment so we can re-key multiple locks while we’re on the premises, or even cut more than one pair of keys for your lock.

If you suspect that you’ve lost your key, or that it’s been stolen, don’t hesitate to contact Safeguard Locksmiths to get your lock re-keyed. The longer you wait, the more vulnerable you’ll be to a potential break-in or robbery.

Contact Safeguard Locksmith today by calling us on 1300 723 796 for world class re-keying services that’s effective and affordable. All our staff have passed security checks, are consummate professionals, and can be at your doorstep within the hour.