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Australian Lock Company

The Australian Lock Company has been the market leaders for high security locking systems for over 35 years and they have been recognised for this, having been a recipient of two prestigious Australian Design Awards for innovative excellence for their unique designs with products.

Their flagship range being the High Security Bi-Lock Exclusive series, Bi-Lock QCC range, and the Bi-Lock Galaxy locks. These high security locking systems are used extensively around the world and can be found in some of Australia’s and the world’s locations where the highest level of security is required, including places such as Crown Entertainment Complex & Federation Square in Melbourne, to Sydney’s Parliament House and Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, and not to mention Australia’s national airline Qantas and the Family and Supreme Law courts, just to name a few.

The Bi-Lock product was developed in the 1980’s by Brian Preddey – a Master Locksmith and he recognised at the time an urgent need for high security locking system that provided a high defense against lock picking, impressioning, lock bumping, drilling and key copying. Based on this philosophy the Bi-lock U-shaped key locking system was developed using the unique dual edge 12 pin system with its high security sidebar activation feature. He never imagined his Bi-lock products would one day be protecting some of the most prestigious building in the world.

The Bi-lock exclusive being the newest addition to this high security lock range has already established itself as a high security lock system with new and improved features to make it their next generation in the Bi-lock security family. Bi-Lock master key systems have been chosen and trusted to protect some of the most prestigious establishments all over the world from Kuwait City Stock Exchange to the Sahara Casino in Lass Vegas. Other notible high profile locations worth mentioning out of thousands of facilities that the Bi-lock system secures is the The Federal Treasury in Canberra and the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, in fact many of the most respected organisations around the world rely on the Bi-Lock master key system to secure and protect their premises.

With all these products there remains a commitment to developing and introducing innovative lock security products designed to complement the BiLock range and quality for users.

In achieving this objective, a high priority is placed on Research and Design. This unique aspect to the Australian Lock Company incorporates the combination of specialist expertise, technologies and engineering to ensure optimal product diversity and integrity.

New markets and new applications bring new product requirements. Australian Lock Company continues to develop new BiLock products at a rate of 40 to 60 per annum and establish and open new markets both within Australia and overseas. Our ability to develop new cost effective, quality products for niche markets allows the Company to continue its progressive international sales and marketing programs.

Throughout the years, Australian Lock Company brought on New Generation, Galaxy and now BiLock Exclusive. All our products offer the security conscious individual, firm or public body a fully integrated, high security lock system designed to meet high security needs, with unparalleled flexibility from the 300-plus cylinder types in the all ranges!

Australian Lock Company has recorded an enviable annual average growth rate during the past three decades. Whilst its core product range remains BiLock, in recent years the Company has embarked upon a product diversification program with a number of new products now on offer.

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