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Electronic Access Key Control Cabinet incorporating
a Compulsory Alcohol Testing Breathalyser

Safeguard Locksmiths are authorised dealers for the Ceone Electronic key control cabinet.
This unit is an ideal safety measure when combined with the Alcohol testing breathalyser tester for employers wanting to introduce a mandatory zero alcohol policy into their OH&S standards and procedures. This intelligent key control system when combined with the alcometer breathalyser is both a highly secure electronic key box cabinet and point of entry breathalyser that allows or prevents the entry of an employee access to keys in the workplace based on the result of their compulsory alcohol test.
The Alcosense locking key system is a ideal inclusion into any OH&S safety policy it is a proven effective method in helping employees execute a high degree of 0H&S safety in the workplace.
The Alcometer when connected to the creone electronic key cabinet is a highly efficient in enhancing and executing a compulsory OH&S safety policy practice in the workplace, it guarantees that those employees trusted to operate or drive dangerous equipment or machinery when tested on the Alcosense access point breath tester must have a zero result before access to keys is permitted.
Organisations who are committed to OH&S safety procedures in their workplace benefit in many ways such as improved health and safety performance, reduced costs associated with accidents, safety towards all staff, improves staff relations and morale, and increase business efficiency just to name a few.
The creone key cabinet with the alcometer alcohol breath tester is extensively used by thousands of both large and small companies and businesses throughout Australia where a strict or zero alcohol tolerance policy is observed. This is essential in industries such as construction & mining sites, chemical plants, hospitals, sporting stadiums, factories , casinos, in fact the Alcometer is a ideal electronic access key control system to use in any safety situation where it’s unique purpose would be a vital part of a OH&S safety procedure. Because the Alcosense Access Point Breath Tester is known for its reliability on returning fast and accurate results to the employer therefore allowing quick and efficient testing method without a major hold up in work production. Where a zero tolerance alcohol workplace policy is crucial the alcosense breath tester is a must, it will help any business to make sure those employees who are responsible to drive a vehicle or operate machinery when tested on the alcometer return a negative test result or access to keys is denied.
The creone electronic access control key box offers a secure key control system where when the correct pin code is entered, this gives access to those authorized_keys only the user after entering their unique code blows into the breathalyser and based on the result the system will analysis being a positive or negative will determine the outcome: a positive will give access to the key cabinet and release the designated keys, a negative will not allow the release of the keys and all information is recorded in the administration reporting log.
The creone key box has the capacity to store small amounts of keys upto to thousands of keys. The unique advantage of this electronic key cabinet is that more keyboards and key locations within the unit can be added or additional complete key cabinets can be included to the same key system group. These innovative key cabinets have an easy and simple menu display and search feature along with the Creone intellpin locking function that securely keeps keys locked into place when the key cabinet is opened and only when the approved intellpin code is entered will it release subject to the access control programming done prior to accept such code. The availability of selecting keys can be nominated by alternative requirements such as allowing keys to be free or fixed in the key cabinet depending on your needs.

Security Features

  • Door Alarm, Key Alarm, Burglar Alarm
  • Activities registered on log software on PC or cabinet
  • Selected or random PIN Code
  • Valid periods and time restrictions
  • Free or fixed key positioning
  • Unlimited number of administrators with adjusted rights
  • Reports on key access via PDF and CSV files
  • Alarm indicators and Alarm forwarded to email
  • Inactivation of users
  • Connection for external reader and alarm
  • Standalone or network
  • Customised key systems based on specific security requirements
  • Intelligent search function on display
  • Systems can be modified for ipods and phones

Product Range

  • Creone CR950084 Breathalyser
  • Creone CR950070 Breathalyser
  • Creone CR950056 Breathalyser
  • Creone CR940042 Breathalyser
  • Creone CR940028 Breathalyser
  • Creone CR940014 Breathalyser


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