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BiLock New Generation Master Key systems

Bi Lock New Generation Master Key systems

Bi-Lock is an Australian owned, designed and manufactured high security master key system the BiLock distinctive dual edged key is known for its quality and reliability.
This fact has been acknowledged with the Bi Lock key system being the recipient of numerous design awards.Bi-Lock high security master key system has been the first choice of many blue chip companies throughout Australia for over 30 years and the most recent development has been BiLock New Generation which bring a new level of security to the Bi Lock key system.

Existing Bi-Lock customers
The following is just a small sample of thousands of BiLock customers that have trusted the Bi Lock master key system to protect their premises.

  • St Helena Secondary College
  • City Wide Services (VIC)
  • St Kevins College
  • Village Roadshow
  • Docklands Studios
  • ALH Group
  • Boeing
  • Target

Security Features & Benefits
The Bi-Lock uses a unique ” U ” shaped dual blade design to operate a dual row of pins. Two side bars operate independently to prevent the plug from rotating until the key lifts all pins simultaneously to the correct height.

The BiLock New Generation has additional security features:

  • Incorporated a lifter pin and a locking pin to ensure that only the patented key will operate the system
  • The horizontal locking pins effectively blocks the side bar mechanism
  • The side bar mechanism is highly pick resistant and earns ASIO’s highest security rating when used in the standard non- removable core format
  • An anti-drill feature is also available for a higher level of protection if required

Bi Lock keys are virtually impossible to duplicate without your knowledge or authority and then only by a your Bi-Lock authorised agent who has the ability to cut BiLock keys.

Bi Lock key heads are available in a wide range of colours for identification purposes. The removable quick change core offers potential additional operation features like the ability to recombinate a lock within seconds and systems security maintenance that is incomparable.

Patent and Registered Design Protection
Bi-Lock New Generation keys, cylinders and components have a patent pending and design registration protection.

Innovative Design
BiLock New Generation offers an innovative new design & twin bladed key which operates a 12 pin programme of tumbler pins – 6 on either side. These pins in turn activate 2 sidebars to provide the end-user with up to 17,000,000 possible lock combinations.

The Bi Lock innovation has continued with the development of Bi-Lock Quick Change Core or QCC. Now with QCC rekeying can be as simple as withdrawing a plug & replacing it with another in a matter of seconds.

The main features of BiLock QCC are:

  • Simplicity: Easy to use with minimum maintenance
  • Durability: Fewer moving parts & a stronger key
  • Tamper Resistance: A high level of pick resistance
  • Flexibility: Up to 17,000,000 combinations
  • Compatibility: Bi Lock New generation & Bi-Lock QCC can retrofit almost all hardware
  • Cost Effectiveness: Competitively priced to install & maintain

Safeguard Locksmith is an authorised BiLock agent that has permission to design, manufacture, install & maintain your Bi Lock high security master key system. Our ability to quickly change combinations & cut new or additional keys, means your system & security is never compromised.

In addition as your Bi-Lock agent we will maintain & update your key registration details to ensure the integrity of your high security master key system at all times.



QCC – BiLock’s Quick Change Core
A genuinely innovative locking system which offers absolute flexibility. Bi Lock offers QCC (Quick Change Core) patented to 2017. Rekeying a lock can be as simple as withdrawing a plug and replacing it with another …in seconds! Every QCC is identical, with the exception of pinning combinations (where requested), which means you can shift the same QCC between different types of locks.

New Generation
Safeguard Locksmiths is proud to now also offer the New Generation Bi-Lock maximum security locking system. Like its predecessor, this New Generation of BiLock is “Light Years Ahead of its Time” and will undoubtedly also serve the test of time.
New Generation offers an innovative new look and twin bladed key which operates a 12 pin program of tumbler pins, six on either side. These pins, in turn, activate two sidebars to provide the end user with up to 17 million possible lock combinations. In addition to a space age moving element within the key, an extraordinary shaped, horizontally positioned security rod has been built into the cylinder core to activate the 13th locking dimension. Without the moving element, this 13th dimension cannot be activated… adding yet another feature to Bi Lock’s already exceptional level of security.
The New Generation’s contemporary style keyhead also takes it to the space age. The three piece set (body and two sides) offers 20 different colours which can be interchanged, giving the end user up to 8,000 possible colour combinations. Great for incorporating company logo colours!

Standard finishes are Satin Chrome, Chrome Plate & Polished Brass, with soft finishes such as Florentine Bronze, Black Chrome and Bright Chrome Plate. Other finishes are available upon request at an additional cost. We always like to let our customers know that our soft finishes will discolour with age and use when exposed to the elements.

The Colour Key System…
Bi-Lock uniquely offers 20 key head colours in the First Generation old style and 20 key head colours in the New Generation range. This is an integral feature of the key, which can be used to visibly differentiate levels of access within a Master Key System.

The BiLock New Generation Color Key System
Bi Lock New Generation has a new futuristic key head specifically designed to incorporate extensive colour coded master keying capabilities ensuring optimal security.

One, two or three different colours can be mixed & matched from the 20 colours available in any key head. This means a maximum of 8,000 colour combinations are available.

This new key head allows instant identification of keys by system mangers & building supervisors & with ease visibly defines levels within a master key system.



Fluoro Pink





Fluoro Yellow




Fluoro Green

Heritage Green

Light Blue

Blue Weave


Reflex Blue






The futuristic New Generation Bi-Lock key head has been specifically designed to incorporate extensive colour coded master keying capabilities to ensure optimal security.

One, two or three different colours can be mixed and matched from the 20 colours available [inclusive of the beige braille keyhead] in any key head, with a maximum of 8,000 colour combinations possible. This additional, flexible feature in the New Generation BiLock key head enables instant identification of keys by system managers and building supervisors, and visibly defines, with ease, levels within a master key system.

Australian Lock Company also offers the option of specially designed colour key heads complete with company logo at an additional cost.
Correct key identification is important and convenient. With the range of key head colours an integral component, New Generation Bi Lock is ideal for use in any Master Key System.
Braille differentiation within the New Generation Bi-Lock key head allows the visually impaired to also differentiate keys with a Master Key system. Thought to be the first of its kind in Australia and perhaps the world, this additional feature offers a numbering system capable of differentiating keys by “touch”

Bilock QCC Construction & Building Site Security
Planning security on your construction site is essential to implement preventive security measures against theft and reducing costs.
Safeguard Locksmiths has listed below some basic practical advice on things to incorporate as part of your site security plans as they have proven to be effective ways to significantly help reduce your construction site from being targeted by thieves.

Temporary construction keying – Why is this necessary
Construction keying during the building stage typically means the locks on site are temporary keyed for builders/contractors to gain entry whilst the building is under construction but once completed the construction keying is removed easily, quickly and without cost and the locks now are off construction keyed mode and the builders and contractors cannot gain entry to the site any longer. Safeguard Locksmiths have worked with hundreds of builders on major projects where construction keying is an essential part of the works.

Bi Lock QCC Construction keying is a popular and preferred construction keyed system used by many large and small building companies.
Safeguard Locksmith has has professionally provide construction keying options to the building industry sector as a added security feature on their sites to for over 20 years as a cost effective way to reduce theft and maintain security from beginning of the initial lock up stage to handover.

Read More: Bi-Lock construction keying document.



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