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Key in Lever Locksets

Here at Safeguard Locksmiths we carry a wide range of local and imported key in lever locksets and lever in knob combination locksets in both residential grade and commercial grade quality.

Safeguard is not a manufacturer and has no affiliation with any one supplier, so we will only recommend and install what we consider to be the best key in lever locksets for your particular project.

We stock trusted leading brand names such as Lockwood key in lever locksets, Brava Metro lever sets & Urban lever locksets, Carbine lever locksets, and Dormakaba key in lever locksets. All of these leading brand names in key in lever locksets are often the first choice by locksmiths, security consultants, builders, developers and architects for many years. They are extensively used throughout the Australian market on homes and commercial properties including large developments involving hundreds of doors.

Commercial grade lever locksets are available in different functions including lever entrance sets, lever privacy sets, lever passage sets, lever classroom sets and lever patio door sets. Most key in lever sets or key in knob combination sets are rekeyable to suit most commercial keys as well as most high security restricted master key systems. Selected key in lever locksets have been successfully tested up to 2 or 4 hours (depending on the type of door set) on a fire door assembly in accordance with Australian standards AS 1905.1-2005 PART 1 fire Resistant door set, as well as meeting the L1 BCA AS1428.1-2009 compliant building code for lever handles.

Our security consultants suggest viewing the following key in lever locksets for a commercial project

  • Dormakaba key in lever locksets KL or LK series
  • Carbine lever lockset Rosehill PR6000 series
  • Carbine lever lockset Doncaster PD7000 series
  • Carbine key lever lockset Ascot PA8000 series
  • Lockwood 530/930 series
  • Lockwood 530/950 series
  • Lockwood key in lever 930 series
  • Lockwood key in lever 950 series
  • Brava Metro lever sets RA3H series
  • Brava Metro lever sets Metro EL6000 series
  • Brava Metro lever sets EL 3000 series

The Brava Urban lever sets have gained a reputation for being built to withstand the toughest environments and proven to be a real work horse.

If you need a key in lever lockset for a residential application, our Expert suggest you view the Brava key in lever residential series and the Carbine residential key in lever locksets being the Diva leverset SL9000 series, Empire leverset SL8000 series, Kingston leverset SL 7000 series or the Jeune lever set SL 6000 series. All these range of residential key in lever locksets offer excellent quality and reliability with stylish good looking finishes.

If you need any assistance selecting the right key in lever lockset for your project at home or work, simply give one of our friendly security consultants a call, and they will assist you in finding the correct lever lockset for your requirements.

Our Most Popular Key in Lever Locksets
This is only a small selection from our key in lever lockset range. For further assistance in finding the right key in lever locksets for your application, speak to one of our friendly Security Experts.



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