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Lockwood Twin High Security Restricted Key System
Lockwood Twin High Security Restricted Key System

The Lockwood Twin Restricted Key System used a high level of key control whilst also offering increased phsical security. This is the security edge it has over basic restricted keying systems.

Features&Benefits include

  • Resistance to picking
  • Resistance to impression
  • Resistance to lock bumping
  • Resistance to drilling
  • Extra strong key strength
  • Large master keying capabilities
  • Patented protection
  • Color coded insert key identification
  • Dual pinning mechanism
  • Retrofits into most existing locks


Cylinders are available for Lockwood Twin to suit both new and retro-fit installations. Cylinders are available to suit all Lockwood commercial locksets and the majority of all other commercial grade hardware installations.

Control of Keyways
The Lockwood Twin keyway is the combination of the key’s profile and its side code.

Lockwood Twin Overview
Each Lockwood Twin Key has a unique security feature, an extra set of bitting along the side of the blade, the side code, in addition to the usual top. The side code acts on side pins to line up with a side bar in the cylinder. Each key (or key set) also has a unique pattern of side grooves on the blade, forming the profile.
A key with the wrong Twin profile cannot even be inserted. A key with the wrong side code cannot release the side bar. For a key to open a lock, it must have the correct profile, side code and top code.

Side Code + Profile=Twin Keyway

The unique combination of side code and key profile is the keyway. Supply of keys by Lockwood or one of its Lockwood Twin Dealers is under customer signature control.

Identification of Keys
Individual keys within a Master Key System can be easily recognised through the use of colour coded inserts. There are a total of twelve colours to choose from.


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