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Electronic Keying System EKA

Electronic Keying System EKA
A EKA Cyber Lock is the next generation in electronic access control systems that controls, secures, audits and protects all assets from a single front door to remote location through out Australia.
The Eka Cyber Lock is an electro-mechanical master key locking system. This hybrid product incorporates the attributes of a conventional swipe card access control combined with those of a more traditional mechanical type master key system. The advantage of the EKA Cyber Lock system is it doesn’t matter what location the lock is, electronic master key access is achievable. When the EKA Cyber Lock System has a security edge on other electronic master key system is by eliminating any wires between locks and the management software. The EKA Cyberlock System can be installed at the most remote locations and another advantage of the EKA Cyber Lock is system its retrofits into most existing locks.




100% electronic, programmable and is loaded with the access profile of the key owner.

Communicators provide the ability for the software and the CyberKeys to communicate.

CyberLock Cylinders
The same dimensions as the mechanical cylinder and are suitable for doors, cabinets, padlocks and virtually anywhere a CyberLock is currently installed.

CyberAudit Software
The software is used to configure and manage the system, providing control of all access profiles, users, CyberLocks, CyberKeys and auditing functions.




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