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SCEC Approved Locksmith Services
SCEC Approved Locksmith Services

SCEC – The Security Construction and Equipment Committee.
Only SCEC approved locksmiths that have been security cleared can provide services to Australian Government offices, agencies & departments and Defense facilities to carry out works in high level areas and assists with maintenance and installation of SCEC Endorsed approved products.
The Australian Federal Government Departments and Agencies have a large mixture of many different styles of SCEC approved equipment including locks, compliant door hardware, Class A, Class B, Class C security containers and filing cabinets, SCEC approved Safes, Vaults & Vault doors, Strongroom doors, key custody safes and high security SCEC endorsed master key systems to meet SL3 level and all these SCEC products need maintaining and servicing or installing.
Here at Safeguard Locksmiths where a high degree of security is required at all levels we have SCEC approved security consultants and locksmith technicians who are SCEC approved and cleared and have the knowledge and skill to provide expert advice on SCEC approved products based on years of experience servicing clients throughout Australia with all their SCEC Government requirements.

SCEC Endorsed High Security Master Key Systems to meet SL3 Level.
We have been responsible for the design and installation of some of the biggest master key systems in Australia including high security SCEC Endorsed locking systems for Government and Defense departments.
We are a preferred and authorized security provider of SCEC approved products and we have hundreds of National clients who are security cleared to regularly purchase approved SCEC Endorsed equipment and we are also the custodians of many large SCEC Endorsed high security SL3 level master key systems for Government and Defense departments and Customs and Border Protection Offices Australia wide which we control and monitor from our Melbourne Head Office.
Some SCEC endorsed SL3 level locking systems include New Generation Bi-Lock, Abloy Protect2 and EVVA 3KS PLUS to name a few.

SCEC Approved Safes
The Class A SCEC Approved Safe come with 2,3 and 4 drawer with the Dorma Kaba X10 Lock and is designed to be 1 hour fire resisting models we sell G-CA2, G-CA3 and G-CA4.

SCEC Endorsed Vaults & Vault doors
All our SCEC approved Chubb vaults and vault doors are available in SCEC Endorsed variants such as the Chubb Instavault and Chubb Moduleguard Vault as is the Chubb Vault Doors including the Chubb Bankers Vault Door, Chubb Pacific Vault Door and the Chubb Holsworthy Vault Door.

SCEC Endorsed Strongroom Doors
CMI Class B strongroom door & frame G-CDB4 and CMI Class A strongroom door & frame G-CRD4A.

SCEC Endorsed Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets
The CMI Class B Filing Cabinet gives excellent fire and theft protection and we have 3 versions: the CMI GFP2B, GFP3B and GFP4B.

We’re here to offer professional assistance
Here at Safeguard Locksmiths we are SCEC Endorsed agents and can assist you with a large selection of SCEC Endorsed Safes, Vaults & Vault doors, Strongroom doors, Class A Secure Room Door, Class B or Class security containers or filing cabinets and SCEC key custody safes. All our SCEC products are designed for the protection of classified material from forcible attack. More detailed information on our SCEC approved safes and vaults and their security class is available by contacting us and speaking to one of our SCEC experts.

SCEC Approved Security Containers
Our Security Containers are made to ASIO specifications and only by manufacturers that are ASIO approved. They are constructed and designed to protect the contents against attack and include SCEC approved security containers such as Cl Class Two, Three and Four Drawer Security Containers. We are and accredited supplier and service agent of all leading brands of SCEC Endorsed security containers including Fileguard Class C and Class B 1 , 2 , 3 & 4 drawer filing cabinets also CMI G-CC2, G-CC3 and G-CC4 Filing cabinets and the CMI G-CB2, G-CB3 and G-CB4 and Planex SCEC approved security drawer containers Class B and C available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 drawer.

C.Q.R.iT Extreme
Hard on the outside, clever on the inside – these cabinets are the strongest on the market. They contain all the great features of the C.Q.R.iT® key cabinets, housed in a heavy-duty exterior.

    Three-point locking system on the door, internal baffling for cable entry points, welded seams and an internal cover plate to hide the locking mechanisms.
    Enforce this rule on particular keys to make sure that the user who removed the keys is the same one to return them. This adds an extra layer of accuracy to your audit trails.
    For particularly sensitive keys, you can make sure that the key only releases if more than one authorized user is present to sign it out.
    Cabinets require two-points of identification before the door will open, typically Prox and PIN (or User ID and PIN).
  • FOR MORE INFORMATION – download PDF brochure
    • C.Q.R.iT eXtreme – 25 key bunches
    • C.Q.R.iT eXtreme – 50 key bunches
    • C.Q.R.iT eXtreme – 100 key bunches

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