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Professional Locksmiths for Commercial Clients A locksmith installs, repairs, and adjusts locks for windows, doors, and safes, get keys cut, install access control systems, serve as emergency locksmiths and serve as master key locksmiths for commercial clients. Professional locksmiths are meticulous about their locksmith services which include:       Repairing and replacing spoilt doors […]

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What’s In A Logo?

Safeguard Locksmiths Logo Have a look at our Safeguard Locksmiths logo – it’s on the left if you can’t find it, and it’s been around forever. A few weeks ago, though, we decided it was time for a change. This wasn’t an easy decision, nor should it be. Currently located in North Melbourne, Safeguard Locksmiths is […]


The Key to Event Management

The Key to Event Management When you ask yourself what event management is, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Parties, certainly. That was my first thought. Right after that one, I imagined a whirlwind of possibilities; an image, plucked right from someone’s head taken and moulded into their perfect occasion. Don’t get me […]

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Australian Made Padlocks

Revolutionary Australian Made Padlocks Dual Shackle Padlock This revolutionary Australian made padlock is designed to enable the use of two shackles and two separate keying systems. It is made from 6061 aluminium body by Carbines own CNC machine in Australia, and steel components hardened to HRC 60 grade. You can be assured that the dual […]

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Why we believe you should use Safeguard Locksmiths who are qualified and licensed Master Locksmiths

Safeguard Locksmiths Are Qualified and Licensed Master Locksmith It is an unfortunate fact that the title “locksmith” isn’t a protected title in Australia, and there are plenty of scammers and unqualified handymen out there who call themselves a “locksmith”, but holds no licencing or insurance, have no training, and spend their money on Google advertising. […]

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Useful security tips for your front door

List Of Useful Home Security Tips For Your Front Door Ensuring the security of your home entails securing all points of entry. You need to keep everything fully guarded and impenetrable to offenders from the front door to the back door and all the windows. Your front door in particular, is considered as the easiest […]

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Emergency Key Safe Installation Melbourne

Emergency Key Safe Installations in and around Melbourne  In today’s world, everyone wants to ensure their doors are securely locked. You always hear news and stories about home invasions and break-ins, this adds to people’s feeling of insecurity. Good security locks can give you a peace of mind and keep your place secure, but they […]

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Front Door vs Back Door

Front Door vs. Back Door: Assessing the Security of the House  You recently purchased a new property, or moved into your new rental. You updated the lock and felt safe and secure. But one day, your house is broken into and all your possessions have been stolen, leaving you to wonder how it happened. The […]

20210521 silca

The History of Silca 1977 – 2017

Silca Celebrates 40 Years in Australia Back in the 1970’s, locksmiths were a bit surprised when a little-known Italian brand arrived in Australia for the first time. Fed on a diet of Edmonds, Ezy-Cut, Ilco and DL keys and machinery, predominantly from America, this unusual sounding brand was a taste of something new, something different, […]

20210512 prison nsw

A piece of Locksmithing history: Department of Prison N.S.W.

A Piece of Locksmithing History: Department of Prison N.S.W. Imagine buying a lock off the main gate at the State Penitentiary, Long Bay for only $1.This great part of our locksmithing history was donated to us by A.S. Harris Lock & Key Maker from Marrickville NSW. This lock certainly meant a lot to Brian Harris […]

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The Origins of the S&G Time Lock

The first time lock for bank vaults Sargent & Greenleaf prides itself on a tradition of quality and innovation which stretches back to 1857. It was in 1873, using parts from locks and two kitchen clocks, James Sargent created the first time lock to be installed on a bank vault door. He personally connected the […]

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Innovation of the past – Ilco 178U

Are you old enough (or cool enough) to remember the Ilco 178U and its descendants? Aubrey Johnson brought the first Ilco 178U into Australia in 1932, and this very special machine is pictured here. The word spread quickly, and soon all the other locksmiths eagerly wanted to get their hands on one. The manufacturer’s sales […]

20210422 lsc

The History of LSC

LSC was established in 1926 by Aubrey Johnson, it was originally known as A.F. Johnson & Co. After Aubrey returned from the World War with some unusual and colorful experiences, he worked for his uncle in an ironmongery in Richmond, Melbourne. Aubrey put in a lot of hard work and eventually bought his own ironmongery […]

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Master Lock celebrates 100 years of expertise

Master Lock celebrates 100 years of expertise Master Lock is celebrating a century of empowering people to live a safer and more secure life, by providing continuous excellence in security and safety solutions. Let’s take a walk down the memory lane to oversee the road Master Lock took to build it’s strength and reliability, and […]

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The History of ADI

ADI The Easy Choice for Professional Locksmiths When you ask any professional Locksmiths what ADI means to them, the answer you would get is “reliable, unique, heavy duty and tough”. This reputation is achieved by ADI from over 50 years of their commitment to producing quality Australian made products and its dedication to local manufacturing. […]

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Here are some essential reasons why you need to change your locks

Purchased a new house. Moving House. Tenants have vacated your property. Keys have been lost or worse stolen. Locking out those who have keys but you don’t want them accessing the property anymore. Keys that may have been given to trades people or loaned out and never returned. SOME ALL TOO COMMON LOCKS Locks illustrated […]

20210401 abus diskus

The History of the Abus Diskus Padlock

The History of the Abus Diskus Padlock The first Diskus lock in 1949 Abus was a 25 year old family company, already famous in Germany when it launched the world’s first “Diskus” lock in 1949. Looking to offer extra security and a way to protect the shackle, August Bremicker and his family company turned the […]


Top 10 Security Tips

SECURITY CAN BE SIMPLE The crime rate statistics on home burglaries is the fastest and is forever growing and going upwards. Serious crime against people can result from failure to protect homes and families against illegal entry. The best precautionary measures you can take involve good old fashioned common sense and good modern door and […]


Beware of $45 Locksmith Scammers

Beware of Dodgy Locksmith Scammers Whether you’re locked out of your business or replacing deadbolts at home, don’t put your security at risk by using an unqualified and unlicensed dodgy locksmith! Make sure you engage a Master Locksmith Association Member so you can be sure that you are dealing with a qualified and experienced industry […]

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What is a SCEC Endorsed Locksmith

The Security and Construction and Equipment Committee SCEC what is it? SCEC is short for The Security and Construction and Equipment Committee and it is a standing interdepartmental committee responsible for the evaluation and endorsement of security equipment for use by Australian Government Departments and agencies. A SCEC approved Locksmith is authorized to provide services […]

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Security Solutions for your home and family

Security Solutions For Your Home And Family Remember when you’re at work so are burglars! Burglars can turn up on your door step and enter your home anytime of the day or night. They can pretend to be service tradesman, salesman or other official people, or may just wait until you have gone out or […]

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The Ultimate Hasp Lock

Have you ever had one of those hard-to-secure gates that just doesn’t have the right locking alignment for a normal lock?You could always get a separate hasp to make it work, but that opens up to potential risk and hassle of losing the hasp, lock chain, or the separate lock. Having so much accessories for […]

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Improve your home or office security with a personal safe

Improve Home or Office Security with a Personal Safe It’s more important than ever before to invest in a personal safe for home or business that with the economy looking worse than it ever have been before and the future looking even more uncertain. We all have to be aware of protecting our personal possessions. […]

20201112 lock combination luggage straps

Travel safely with combination luggage strap

The Combination Luggage Strap Provides Additional Security For Your Luggage As the lock down is coming to an end, more and more Victorians are getting ready to travel again! If you are planning a trip, make sure you get one of the combination luggage straps, to provide additional security for your luggage. The combination luggage […]

20201106 electric strikes

Electric Strikes

Electric Strikes For Electromechanical Door System Electric strikes are the reliable choice for any electromechanical door system. They are characterised by their speed, durability and longevity. This blog introduces three of the popular choices for electric strikes, all covered by a 5-year manufacturers warranty. LOCKWOOD ES900 SERIES PRE-LOADED STRIKE This is a high security product […]

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Office / Home Security Checklist

Office and Home Check list by Safeguard Locksmiths After more than four months of Covid lockdown, Victoria is finally re-opning for business. While many businesses are opening their doors again, and many Victorians are ending their stay-at-home time to return to work, The security of your home or business can’t be overlooked. The Safes Experts […]

20201016 schoollocker locks

School Locker Locks

A new school term has started! There’s no better time than now to purchase some new locker locks for your school to increase the security of the Student and Staff’s belongings. The Security Experts at Safeguard Locksmiths listed below three most popular choices of high quality locks for your selection, that would be perfectly suited […]


Flip Bolt Mortice Lock

Have you heard of the Flip Bolt Mortice Lock?   It is perfect for securing commercial and residential properties. The Flip Bolt Mortice Lock is designed with multiple configurations to suit aluminum, timber, and glass hinged doors, so it is flexible to suit any of your installation needs. It comes with a brushed stainless steel […]

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Security Key Box Range

Safeguard Locksmiths stocks a range of Security Key Boxes that can be mounted to walls, which allows you to store keys and access card. The key box range comes with the following features: 🔐 Hinged door design for ease of operation. 🔐 Secure punch proof hinge 🔐 Standard or security key cylinder 🔐 Compatible with […]

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Multi-color Combination Padlock – 144 Series

Safeguard Locksmiths stocks the full range of 144 Series combination padlock in multi colors. This padlock is designed with easy to read extra-large number dials. The white numbers on black wheel makes them easy to read and use, which makes it great for the elderly, people with glasses, or to be used in a low […]


ABUS Commercial Padlock

Looking for a strong and durable Australian Standard certified padlock? Safeguard Locksmiths stocks the full range of ABUS padlocks – the most trusted commercial padlock that is industry proven for reliability, and tested under the Australian Standard AS 4145.4 2002 – Part 4: Padlocks. This Standard specifies performance requirements to evaluate the physical security and […]


SL5 Satin Chrome Slimline Lock Bolt

Install SL5 Satin Chrome Slimline Lock Bolt to your Home or Office If you are looking for a secure lock bolt for the swing or sliding doors in your home or office, SL5 Satin Chrome Slimline Lock Bolt is the perfect choice.   SL5 Satin Chrome Slimline Lock Bolt is an industrial standard narrow style […]


Combination Padlock

70mm Burg-Wachter Combination Padlock is the Perfect Choice If you are looking for something to lock up storage areas securely and conveniently in your home or office, the 70mm Burg-Wachter combination padlock is the perfect choice.  It comes with combination locking to free you from the hassle of carrying heavy keys around and worrying about […]

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Night Hawk – next generation night latches

The Next Generation Of Rim Lock: Night Latches Carbine Night Hawk Range Check out the new lock range available at Safeguard Locksmiths! The Carbine Night Hawk range is the next generation of rim lock night latches that are up to 5 times stronger than your standard night latch. The Designer and Engineering team has worked […]

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Combination Locking Bolt

It’s time to change the old locking bolt you have in your house to a more secure and easy to use combination locking bolt. Check out the combination locking bolt available at Safeguard Locksmiths, designed with corrosion proof cast zinc body, special one direction fastener, and 4-digit combination lock that has 10,000 re-settable combinations! This […]

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Wall Mount Key Safe

Wall Mounted Key Safe Isn’t it time to stop hiding your back-up keys outside of your door under the carpet or underneath a potted plant? Having keys out in the open is a serious risk to many Australian homes. Safeguard Locksmiths is here to help make Australian homes more secure. This key safe could provide […]


Key Cabinet with alcohol testing controlled access

Key Cabinet with alcohol testing controlled access For workplaces with a zero alcohol tolerance policy, such as places where the operation of dangerous equipment or machinery is required, it is ideal to have an alcohol test before getting the key to start the operating process, to ensure maximum achievement of workplace OH&S standards. With this […]

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COVID-19 update

Safeguard Locksmiths COVID-19 update. The current Stage 4 COVID-19 Restrictions in Victoria allow locksmiths to continue providing their services to both residential and commercial clients on site, given that they have a COVIDSafe plan. Our service at Safeguard Locksmiths will remain in operation. Please see details below: All onsite emergency service work in Melbourne is […]

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Biometric Safes for Business – what’s the advantage?

Advantage of Biometric Safes for Business Biometric locking and safes has been used more and more for business. With the latest bio-metric technology, finger print safes have never been more secure. There are many advantages associated with using bio-metric safes. They are ideal for homes, businesses, and retail stores. By choosing a finger print safe, […]

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Ross Locks (K. J. Ross Security Locks)

K. J. Ross Security locks K. J. Ross Security locks is one of Australia’s most respected names in the security product industry. They have a reputation for manufacturing high quality products with innovative designs that have ensured Ross locks remained the first choice in high security safe and vault locks and the electronic safe lock. […]

blog feature image 200630 chubb manifoil mk4 combination lock

Chubb Manifoil MK4 Combination Lock

Chubb Mark IV Manifoil Combination Dial Safe Lock The Chubb Mark IV Manifoil combination dial safe lock has been installed on many Government containers and cabinets, It is a combination dial lock that has been the Australian Governments security standard for many years. The Manifoil MK4 is a high level security combination dial lock, its […]

blog feature image 200629 x10

Dormakaba X-10 High Security Government Lock

Dormakaba X-10 High Security Government Lock Dormakaba X-10 High Security Government Lock is the highest security, combination container lock that is SCEC endorsed and approved to be installed on Governments containers and cabinets when the highest level of protection is essential.The Kaba max X-10 is a trusted and reliable Government lock, and is the first […]

blog feature image 200625 straka21

Traka 21 – Intelligent Key Management System

Traka 21 Advanced Stand Alone Key Management Unit Traka 21’s innovative plug and play system provides small to medium businesses an ideal key management system that offers the latest in intelligent key control. This advanced stand alone key management unit is designed specifically catering for the medium to small business market. Easy, efficient and cost […]

blog feature image 34 kaba auditconII

Smartlock digital Kaba Auditcon II

The totally self-powered (PowerStar™ Technology): Auditcon Smartlock Digital Kaba Auditcon II Smartlock digital Kaba Auditcon II, the totally self-powered (PowerStar™ Technology) Auditcon offers the advantages and convenience of true stand-alone electronic safe access. Features: Unique self power technology eliminates temporary lockouts due to dead batteries Can be programmed with a time delay, so the lock […]

blog feature image 35 LagardLG basic standard series

Smartlock Digital LaGard LG Basic Standard Series

Smartlock Digital LaGard LG Basic Standard Series LaGard Basic series is the industry standard for reliability, security and durability. The LaGard basic is an entry level electronic digital safe lock. The perfect digital lock for any home safe is simple to use whilst offering the home safe both reliable operation and high security locking. The […]

blog feature image 200714 EKAcyberkey

EKA CyberLock – The Next Generation in Access Control Locking

EKA Cyberlock Next-Gen Access Control Locking Security The EKA CyberLock is the next generation in access control security that gives complete secure control and audit reports on all assets. How can the EKA cyberlock benefit your business? The EKA CyberLock is an electro-mechanical high security master key system. It combines the features of a conventional […]