Restricted key order form

Restricted key order procedure and information

High Security Restricted Master Key Systems are designed to give the owner of the system the highest level of protection against unauthorized key duplication without the owner’s knowledge or authority.
Safeguard Locksmiths are bound by a legal agreement which only allows us to authorise duplication of restricted keys to master key systems which we hold the owner’s signature and records.

The key order form must be fully completed and returned to the nominated email address as directed on form.
Please note the key order form must be signed by a “Authorised Signature”. What this simply means is when a Restricted Master Key System is installed a signatory form is given to the owner of the key system. A signatory form requires the owner to complete the contact details and sample signatures of the people that will
be registered “Authorised Signatories ” This allows the registered personnel only to authorize key duplication.
Tenants if you are a tenant and require additional keys please contact your Real Estate agent or Body Corporate.

Full payment is required prior to any key orders proceeding or dispatched unless you have an Account.

Please allow 2 to 3 business days to process the key order as the procedure isn’t like cutting a standard key. For example, the authorized signatures we have registered need to be verified. The restricted key has to be stamped with the appropriate security details, the computer records updates to the system and then cutting of the key.

Delivery courier cost is the responsibility of purchaser and is included as additional charge to restricted keys being the $26.00 plus gst and is automatically added into costs. Safeguard Locksmiths will ship by the courier of their choice unless specific directions for delivery is given in writing at time of order.
Any shortages must be notified in writing within 48 hours of shipment.
Any damage or loss becomes the responsibility of the purchaser once the goods have left our premises .

Restricted key system – ADD or DELETE SIGNATORIES

To add or delete registered signatories or change of ownership of the restricted key system.
It is the responsibility of the system owner to inform Safeguard Locksmiths in writing of any change requests to their system being deletions or additions or change of ownership to registered authorities signatures form we hold.
If adding a sample signature is required, any changes in writing must be supported and signed by an existing authorized signature.
Adding a signature : Name – Position – Phone – Sample Signature.

Change of ownership

Changing ownership of key system, please provide system number – Business name – Applicant Name – Position (owner or tenant etc ) –
Phone – Brief details of reason for ownership transfer.
A letter signed and dated by an existing authorised signatory
supporting the change of ownership.
A similar confirmation document worded as follows:
I (name)____________ guarantee Safeguard Locksmiths that l am an existing registered key authority of the said key system and that l am acting legally to authorize the key system transfer and that l am legally entitled and permitted to do so. I indemnify Safeguard Locksmiths from any legal responsibility against any illegal activity in this matter.

By signing the restricted key order form you have agreed to the above terms and conditions as stated .

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