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Advantage of Biometric Safes for Business

Biometric locking and safes has been used more and more for business. With the latest bio-metric technology, finger print safes have never been more secure. There are many advantages associated with using bio-metric safes. They are ideal for homes, businesses, and retail stores. By choosing a finger print safe, it basically allows you to open your safe with just the scanning of your finger print. Because of the convenience and security they offer, the advancement in finger scan safe technology has grown expediently.

The Bio-metric standard electronic lock is still powered by batteries but depending on the finger scan safe model, you can decide on what type best suit your needs as they offer different benefits. These bio-metric safes allow you to use your unique finger print scan to gain access and not have to gain access and not have to remember a code. Although the finger scan lock is powered by batteries, some versions offer an emergency override key to gain entry. Some models have the ability to store multiple finger prints, and some bio-metric safes offer functions including audit trail to see who opened the safe, when and what time, etc for total control and giving you added peace of mind in the storage of your valuables.

Bio-metric Finger Scan technology has been around for a long time, and has proven to be an effective reliable security feature. It is now widely used across many industries large and small to provide a secure defense from unauthorised entries to secure areas such as entry to buildings, computer systems, smart phones, and secure door just to mention a few. This is because bio-metrics is believed to make authentication faster, easier and more secure than traditional passwords codes. We are interested in safes and its advantages related to safes, bio-metric safes are quick easy and secure and are fast becoming a popular option in home, office or retail environment.

This blog explains the advantages a bio-metric finger scan safe may offer. Some stand out points are obvious against key or dial combination safes being no more carrying, lost or worse stolen of keys, or remembering codes and awkwardly dialing open of the safe. With a bio-metric safe used in a domestic or commercial environment all you need to do is access the bio-metric scan data by simply letting it scan your unique fingerprint to gain access to the safe allowing you to never have to worry about keys or combinations again.

A very popular bio-metric safe scan option requested in business settings is the multiple user program function which allows an easy and quick finger scan function to add and some many dozen individual fingerprint IDs, effectively given all your staff these restricted access to the safe. How does the security protection on a bio-metric safe stand compare to key or combination locking safe against a burglary attack. my answer to this is again the advantage of not having a key or combination gives the bio-metric safe a clear security advantage immediately. But any high quality safe designed and engineered with exceptional security features as well as high security body and door construction will provide a high level of protection against unlawful entry no matter if the safe has a anti pick safe 6 lever key lock, or high security combination lock any of these locking functions installed onto a high quality safe will be a good choice. But remember with the finger scan safe, usually they will have a combination override code as an emergency entry should a problem occur with the finger scan. So this safety net code need to be kept in a secure place away from the threat of prying eyes. Bio-metric safes are powered by battery so you will need to make sure the battery level always have enough power to make sure the finger print scanner doesn’t stop working. Most high quality bio-metric safes will have a low battery alert when the voltage is low, so you need to replace the battery immediately at this time.

Some security experts would suggest that bio-metric scanners can some times have a false scan, meaning someone whose fingerprint is not stored in the finger print ID is able to open the safe. This is extremely rare if it can happen at all, as the finger print scanners of the modern bio-metric safes have the most advanced technology to avoid this from happening. Aas a professional safe expert myself of more than 35 years, I have never seen this occur. some other security risks mentioned about bio-metric safes is what if non scans occur, being that a finger present that is stored in the scanner but for some reason the scanner may not recognise it. This is extremely rare, but if for some reason this was to happen, it would most likely be because the finger scanner cannot read and define the finger profile correct. Maybe there is dirt or grease on the finger or the scanner itself needs a clean and wipe. But the safes integrity is still maintained if this occurs because it will stay locked at all times until the correct finger print is recognisable to all entry.

A bio-metric safe is a ideal option for today’s fast pace digital world we live in. As we already carry enough passwords and codes around, so with a bio-metric safe option, all you need is your unique finger print profile. With all I have mentioned you can see the advantage in a finger scan safe as long as you choose a high quality safe with good bio-metric finger scan technology.

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