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EKA Cyberlock Next-Gen Access Control Locking Security

The EKA CyberLock is the next generation in access control security that gives complete secure control and audit reports on all assets.

How can the EKA cyberlock benefit your business?

The EKA CyberLock is an electro-mechanical high security master key system. It combines the features of a conventional proximity or swipe card access control with that of a mechanical master key system. The EKA CyberLock system will allow electronic access control, and it doesn’t matter where the lock is. Because there are no wires between the EKA CyberLock and the management software it is possible for the lock to be just about anywhere. The EKA system has the convenience of a mechanical key system with the feature of giving access authority and tracking ability of an electronic access control system. All combined in the EKA CyberLock. Standard access control method can easily secure an office door but conventional cable access control is not workable for controlling access to remote facilities such as sub stations, data centres, vending machines or rooms of large buildings. EKA Cyber combines the master key power to place a lock on anything to give rigid and track-able access control station to a swipe card function. The EKA Cyber locks is very cost effective as it retrofits into most widely used Australian locks and this may allow you to expand any existing access control system to virtually every door on the premises.

Cyber Keys

The EKA CyberKeys work in the same fashion to a standard key but with one main difference, the CyberKey has no serrated cuts. It is 100% electronic and this makes it programmable and is securely loaded with a unique access profile of the key owner.

CyberLock Cylinders

The EKA CyberLocks are cylinders that are electronic. They are designed and manufactured to the same specifications as many of Australia’s commonly used mechanical lock cylinders which make them cost effective to retrofit in place of existing locks in doors, cabinets, padlocks, industrial machine locks and virtually any other type of mechanical lock. The great advantage of the cyber cylinders is they do not need permanent wired power as all the power needed is stored by the battery in the cyber key. This unique cyber key has the power to store an access profile that includes the authority to open specific cylinders with this permission the cyber cylinder can be opened in the same fashion as any standard key lock.

Cyber Audit Software

The Cyber Audit software is availble in a fully supported cloud format on alternatively in a self managed format. The software contains features to allow configuration and managment of the cyber lock system. this gives the manage user control of all access profiles, users, cyberlocks and auditing facilities.

Cyber communicator function

Because the EKA Cyber system has no wired connection to the cyber lock cylinders, and cyber keys communications are provided by the powerful function of the software and the cyber keys. There is a variety of communications, such as 20 key vaults key pad authorities and even mobile apps that allow communication with cyber keys done via a smartphone and Bluetooth. So to sum up this next generation access control system. The four main components combined from a high security fully featured advanced access control system with exceptional advantage that goes beyond the conventional mechanical master key system being it can be incorporated into virtually anywhere. A lock can be installed such as padlocks, filing cabinets, security safes, and also portable applications or even remote locations, and this all can be activated without cables or power to the lock. For more information, checkout the EKA CyberLock Information brochure, or speak to one of our Safeguard LockSmiths experts today by dialing 1300764971.