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Improve your home or office security with a personal safe

Improve Home or Office Security with a Personal Safe

It’s more important than ever before to invest in a personal safe for home or business that with the economy looking worse than it ever have been before and the future looking even more uncertain.

We all have to be aware of protecting our personal possessions. With so many people out of work and in desperate situations you need to take serious precautions and don’t become complacent with your security.

Now is the perfect time to take a good hard look into what security measures you have in place to stop a burglar breaking into your home as it only takes a short time for an intruder to break into and quickly steal your valuable belongings.

Here’s a few practical things that will help secure your home from the opportunist burglars.

Weak or poorly secured doors are the second most entry point used by burglars fitted with heavy duty deadlocks and at the same time make sure all windows have key operated locks as windows will always be the robbers first route especially if the windows are on the ground floor.

Light up your property, burglars are in their element in the dark, so lights outside will make them think again. So it is advisable to always keep your lights in good working order.

Make sure you lock away tools as these are often used to force open doors or windows as well as any ladders to gain access to inaccessible areas like upstairs windows.

Get a burglar alarm of some type. Statistics have shown that you are less likely to be burgled if you have a reliable alarm and they are far less expensive than you think. The advancements in alarm technology means that many are wireless and can be set up quickly and easily by the home owner.

A good quality home safe such as the Combiline CL410E, Viper 35, and CMI Miniguard 2D is a must as this will be the place you will store your most confidential and valuable items, and a safe is like having a security guard on your premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year around protecting your most precious possessions.

But remember good security comes down to common sense so no matter what security protection you have, its up to you to make sure you use them as a part of your everyday life.

I want to talk more about home security safe which is what we are experts in.

The first and most important question to ask yourself is what would you store in the safe as this will help direct you to the right path in choosing the correct safe for your needs. Do you want a safe to store cash & valuables, firearms, documents, data or a combination of these?

For example if cash & valuables is what you want to protect, first determine the amount in value of the combined contents to be stored in the safe. For example cash, jewellery and expensive items. A good way to value this is to work out from your insurance company. If you ever have the misfortune to experience burglary, based on this value and allowing a bit more for other expensive items you may acquire in the future, and based on the total value, look at investing in a safe with a certified cash rating value of the same amount. The majority of insurance companies will only want to insure you if the safe has a similar cash rating to what value of cash & valuables it will be stored in it. Some popular choices include the Chubb Senator M4, Guardall BFG600 and CMI Homeguard Plus HG1D.

If you require a gun or rifle safe for your personal firearms. Australia has a national firearms agreement which sets out the different categories of firearms that are legal in each state being Category A, B, C & D. The storage of firearms differs from state to state across Australia so depending on your location your gun and rifle safe must meet the specification required.

A gun safe as well as being used to store firearms can also be used as a multi purpose safe to store other valuables in. A good quality rifle safe will usually have the same level of protection as a standard home or office safe apart from it will most likely be fitted out inside with the appropriate gun racks. A gun safe especially if its to store rifles in typically large in size and depending on how many firearms are to be stored these safe usually have plenty of room for your cash and other valuables. We have listed here some high quality firearm safes: Guardall G4D, CMI PS2D, CMI Rifle Safe SS14-D, Burg Wachter A5E, and Ardel RS1-3D.

A fire resistant safe may be your first choice based on your needs to mainly protect paper documents such as confidential information, passports, titles and wills, etc, as we all know what a hassle & stress it would be if these were to be destroyed in a fire or worst stolen. A good fire resisting safe such as the Guardall HV1, Diplomat SS060, Chubb Duoguard 40 and CMI Commerce1 will provide excellent protection for both these threats.

We would suggest that if a fire resistant safe is to be considered, you keep in mind that they are usually constructed and designed for this purpose and not to store and protect various amounts of cash or valuables. If this is what you planned to do we would recommend you view safes that offer both burglary & fire protections in its certification.

If the need is only a fire resistant safe, remember to only look at fire safes that provide at least 1 hour protection, as many fires can last for 40 minutes or so before extinguished. So we believe a standing point of 60 minutes fire resisting is a good buffer zone.

Some clients require fire resistant safes that offer more than 60 minutes and in some cases this is because they live in a high fire level zone. Fire safes are usually designed in the following fire protection periods: 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes and some are even available with a 3 hour resistant level.

For more information on how to improve your home or office security, visit our website or give us a call on 1300 723 796 to talk directly with one of our Security Experts.