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Key Cabinet with alcohol testing controlled access

For workplaces with a zero alcohol tolerance policy, such as places where the operation of dangerous equipment or machinery is required, it is ideal to have an alcohol test before getting the key to start the operating process, to ensure maximum achievement of workplace OH&S standards.

With this requirement in mind, Safeguard Locksmith is proud to introduce our breathalyser key management solution. It is an intelligent key access control system which incorporates alcohol testing.

What is it?

In a nutshell, this is a highly secure Creone Keybox Electronic Key Cabinets which incorporates an alcohol breath analysis test that only opens the cabinet to give key access to people who pass the breath test.

The key cabinet is capable of holding a few keys, to hundreds and thousands of keys. You will also have the option to add key strips and key places to the cabinet, or add more cabinets to the same system.


How does it work?

Staff with access is given a PIN code to access the keys. Upon inputting the correct PIN code, the user will then be required to blow into the breathalyser for a simple alcohol test. If the test confirms a pass for zero alcohol level, the key cabinet will open giving the user access to the keys. Failure of the alcohol breath test will have the key cabinet remaining to be locked. All activities are recorded in the administrator’s reporting log.

Achieving zero alcohol tolerance work environment has never been this easy. A simple breath into the mouthpiece would give you fast results indicating a pass or a fail.

For cabinets that hold many keys, the cabinet can display a simple menu with a search function.

The benefit of using a breathalyser key management system

  • Assist the work place with enhancing and executing their OH&S policies more efficiently. By implementing the breathlyser key management system, it gives a cost effective way to make the workplace a safer place.
  • Provision of reliable and prompt results so the testing process is carried out in an efficient manner.
  • Monitor and enforce zero-alcohol tolerance policy at the workplace.

Key features included:

The main features included in the intelligent breathalyser key cabinet includes time restrictions, random PIN code selection, user inactivation, key positioning changes, unlimited number of administrators all with adjusting rights, key access reports exporting to CSV and PDF files, alarm indicators, alarm forward to emails, search function on the display screen, activities registered on log, standalone or network mode, ability to connect to external reader and alarm, system modification option for ipods and phones, and customised system based on your selection of security requirements.

For more information, contact one of our Security Expert at Safeguard Locksmiths, by giving us a call on 1300 723 796.