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Safe Delivery & Installation

We deliver and install safes throughout Australia for any business or home. With over 35 years of experience, our delivery and installation team are specialised Installers who have been trusted by thousands of satisfied customers in both commercial and domestic situations. We will deliver your safe to your home or business anytime day or night, at a time that suits you. You can rest assured knowing it will be professionally installed to its manufacturers standards to provide maximum protection.

By choosing our safe installers, you can be assured that you are dealing with a qualified and experienced safe professional.
All our Safe installation work is guaranteed by our 100% Expert Service Guarantee Policy. They have over 35 years of experience in the safe & vault industry, and have the skill & knowledge to assess your specific safe needs to provide you with professional safe advice based on years of experience servicing safe customers with similar requirements as yours. We are a recommended accredited and preferred safe supplier, service agent and installer for most leading safe manufacturers including major safe brands including CMI Safe Co, Chubb Safes, Guardall Safes, Burg Wachter Safes, Diplomat Safes, Ardel Safes and Falcon Safes. Our highly skilled safe Technicians will check the location you have chosen for your safe to make sure it has a suitable structure to support the weight of the safe and is area appropriate to fit and install the safe in. This can usually be discussed and sorted over the phone. However if an on-site risk assessment needs to be conducted, this can be arranged with our expert safe installers.

We provide a reliable and efficient Australia wide service for heavy safe logistics including delivering safes, moving safes, relocating safes, repositioning safes and disposing safes.

To move or relocate a safe takes expertise and skill along with specialised safe equipment to make sure that your property or safe is not damaged during the process. We guarantee you the Safe will be handled carefully to ensure that it remains operational once removed, so it is still providing secure locking.

We have been trusted to move safes for thousands of satisfied customers all over Australia for over 35 years and we are a preferred and recommended safe delivery provider for many of the major safe manufactures. So if you ever need a safe repositioned, relocated, removed, delivered or installed, call and speak to one of our highly skilled safe delivery technicians to discuss your specific needs or book an on-site inspection.

Our Technicians are experts in the field that can assess your situation and have a plan specially catered for you. For example if stairs are involved, our safe delivery Technicians can assess the weight & dimensions of the safe and the type of stairway to determine the difficulty of moving the safe up or down the stairs, or if a safe is located on a upper level of a building and it needs to be moved or relocated, we have heavy endorsed specialized equipment to make sure the work is safe, careful and efficient.

If there is a lift at your premises, we will work with your building manager or lift technicians for a professional safe removal and our equipment does not damage the lift.

Where stairs or the lift are not available, then we have specialised mobile crane trucks which are regularly used to deliver or move safes from higher level locations in some buildings or homes. For those who may be renovating at their home or business premises making it necessary to temporarily move the safe whilst works are taking place, we offer safe storage service if you need to get your safe temporarily relocated for a period of time. We will remove your safe and store it at our safe storage facility until you are ready to have your safe delivered back safely. Please note we do not store the safes contents as part of this service.

In instances where a business has a demountable vault or modular vault that needs to move locations, our specialist vault engineers and technicians can dismantle it, move the vault to the new premises, and construct it back. If you have no need for the vault, we can also help. We are highly experienced and skilled in moving vaults no matter how complex the vault removal or vault delivery is. The vault can be dismantled, moved and reconstructed in its new location by our experienced team.



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