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The totally self-powered (PowerStar™ Technology): Auditcon Smartlock Digital Kaba Auditcon II

Smartlock digital Kaba Auditcon II, the totally self-powered (PowerStar™ Technology) Auditcon offers the advantages and convenience of true stand-alone electronic safe access.


  • Unique self power technology eliminates temporary lockouts due to dead batteries
  • Can be programmed with a time delay, so the lock cannot be immediately opened
  • Time Window Access
  • 400 event audit trail
  • Time Lock functions plus a time and date stamped audit trail
  • The power assist feature provides constant battery power during time delay operations
  • Available in 3 bolt styles – Swingbolt, Squarebolt and Springbolt
  • Only the Duracell Procell alkaline battery is to be used to power our electronic safe locks
  • Appropriate to the needs of the customer the locking periods can easily be set with the software and programmed to the lock via Smart Key

Approvals / Certificates:
EN 1300 B, VdS class 2, DNV, UL type 1
The certifications correspond to the dead bolt locks. Depending on the certification, the approval for the slide bolt locks might be lower

Common applications where the Auditcon II is used:
Commercial safes, Bank safes, ATM machines, Service station safes, Till skimmer safes, Retail chain store safes, Cash deposit safe & restaurant safes, Bank vaults, Drug safes and Government containers & cabinets.

Also available on request:

  • Alarm interface
  • Auditing and programming kit (for 552 model)


  • T52RSLIDE/T52VSLIDE– Model T52 with round keypad or vertical keypad and slide bolt
  • T52RSQUARE/T52VSQUARE – Model T52 with round or vertical keypad and square bolt
  • 552RSLIDE/552VSLIDE – Model 552 with round or vertical keypad and slide bolt
  • 552RSQUARE/552VSQUARE – Model 552 with round or vertical keypad and square bolt

Safeguard Locksmiths is an accredited supplier of the Kaba Auditcon II self powered lock.

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