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Our Projects

Safeguard Locksmiths have been trusted and preferred Supplier to many leading Buildings and Construction Companies throughout Australia to assist them with facilitating their security and door hardware arrangements on major projects.
Our professional security consultants provide expert advice based on years of experience with major projects. Our in-depth and up-to-date knowledge in the architectural hardware and locksmithing industries will give you invaluable access to new developments that may be relevant to your project. So whether you need a sophisticated hi-tech electronic access control system to control hundreds of doors, large complex restricted master key system, a simple keypad control system, or a more conventional door locks or architectural door hardware, our highly skilled security advisers will assess your specific project requirements and custom design a security locking solution that will deliver the ultimate in security and technology.

Safeguard will consider security arrangements early in your planning to avoid costly mistakes and last minute modifications. Our security and design management team will provide project specifications and management schedules in conjunction with your architects and builders and will develop maintenance programmed to ensure a long term security protection for your project.

We have listed here some of our most recent major projects and current Clients:

Safeguard were responsible for the design and installation of all The Yorks masterkey systems which totalled over 400 locks and over a 1000 keys.
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Safeguard were responsible for the design and installation of a large complex master key system that totalled 100’s of Bi-Lock Cylinders and Bi-Lock Keys.
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