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Group Lock Box

The Master Lock S3650 Group Lock Box with Wall Mounting Bracket helps facilities manage the placement and movement of group lock boxes to protect people. The S3650 can be used wherever it’s needed – mount the box using the bracket for routine, daily use; take it portable for remote lockouts; or move to a bracket in another area for large turnarounds. Easily monitor the status of group lockout at a glance with product features like the rewritable tags and clear, impact-resistant window. Despite its small size, this box has an internal capacity of 15 safety padlocks, allowing for greater protected padlock storage.


  • S3650 includes one group lock box and one wall-mounting bracket; safety padlocks sold separately.
  • 430-grade stainless steel with heavy-duty powder coating withstands outdoor elements and is highly resistant to corrosion
  • Locking mechanism for optional securing of box to the mounting bracket prevents unwanted box removal from the wall
  • Collapsible carrying handle allows the box to transport locks to isolation points during lockout or be used as a portable lock box
  • Rewritable tags on both the lock box and bracket provide areas to communicate job-related information. Laser engraved aluminum tag is optional.
  • Impact-resistant window offers visibility to stored padlocks and secured key(s) during lockout
  • Group lock box features 8 lock holes for easy application and organization of padlocks or lockout hasps
  • 4 key hooks keep keys and key numbers visible during lockout
  • Additional wall mounting brackets (PKGP57337) and rewritable tags (PKGP58381) are available separately

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