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ABUS Combo Display Pack – Padlock & Hasp

  a     24IB/60 Body width   60mm
  b     24IB/60 Horizontal shackle clearance     17mm
  c     24IB/60 Vertical shackle clearance   13mm
  d     24IB/60 Shackle diametre   8mm



  • Combines ABUS 140/120 hasp & staple with ABUS 24IB/60 padlock.
  • 140/20
    • Dimension: 120mm long, 56mm high, 12.5mm eyelet.
    • Special staple design protects shackle.
      (when combined with a Diskus padlock shackle attack is virtually impossible)
    • Hasp and hinge pins made of stainless steel.
    • Sturdy steel construction.
    • Hardened steel staple.
    • Hinge pins with tear off resistance.
    • Supplied with screws and fitting accessories.
  • 24IB/60 Padlock
    • Stainless steel shackle.
    • Inner components are made from non-corrosive materials.
    • 4 pin tumbler mechanism with anti-pick pins.
    • Dust cover protects keyway (60 & 70 mm models only).
    • Anti-cut plate.
    • Sophisticated Diskus® welded seams.

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