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Lockwood Selector® 3782 Short Backset DX Digital Mortice Locks

Combination of 3782 Series Cylinder Mortice Lock, Lockwood 4800 or 5800 Series and Digital Access Pad to provide keyless entry.

For extra security when under forced attack, the inbuilt clutching mechanism allows the outside turnknob to rotate without operating or damaging the lock.

The factory set 4 digit code is easily changed to any 4, 5 or 6 digit code using the code changing kit provided with each lock.

As the digital lockset utilizes mechanical operation, electrical wiring is not required.


  • Outside function
    Press the C button, enter the correct code, then turn the turnknob to unlock the door. Upon releasing the turnknob the code is automatically cancelled.
  • Inside function
    By lever handle at all times.
  • Holdback function
    A key operated holdback function is available, this requires the inclusion of an internal cylinder.

  • Furniture
    Compatible with Lockwood 4800 and 5800 Series Furniture, ockwood Plate Door Handles
  • Case and Faceplates
    High purity zinc alloy material cases with stainless steel chassis plates. Stainless steel faceplates provided as standard
    Brass faceplates available for alternative finishes
  • Backset
    23mm standard backset
    Extended backsets 25.4mm, 30mm and 127mm are available
    Installation of 23mm, 25.4mm or 30mm backset locks on open-in doors would require the door stop to be machined to clear the digital codepad
    38mm backset locks are therefore recommended on open-in doors
  • Latch Bolts
    Latch bolts are made with stainless steel, 15mm in size
    Deadlatching is achieved by an auxiliary stainless steel latch bolt
    Reversible for both left and right hand doors, opening in or opening out whilst lock is in door
    Electric Strike compatibility
    Separate auxiliary bolt moves into lock case simultaneously with latch bolt
    Radius bolt provides greater deadlatch throw and smoother closing action
  • Cylinder Retaining Pin
    Hard-drawn spring steel wire, corrosion protected.
  • Door Thickness
    Metal doors: 35 to 50mm
    Suits hollow-style aluminium door sections with 38mm minimum internal depth
    Timber doors: 32 to 50mm
    Specify Selector® 3782-TFKIT for timber door fixing kit to convert an aluminium fix lock to timber door fixing. The timber door fixing kit includes a long faceplate, strike and screws to suit a timber door and jamb
  • Door Clearance
    To ensure correct functioning of the deadlatching mechanism and security for all locks, the clearance between the door and the frame should be 3mm. The deadlatching will operate up to 8mm door clearance, however door clearances over 5mm are not recommended.
  • Security
    All Selector® 3780 Series Cylinder Mortice Locks conform with Level S7 (Physical Security) Australian Lock Standard (AS-4145.2-2008). Conforms to Level S8 (Physical Security) when fitted with door furniture and anti-drill cylinder.
  • Durability
    All Selector® 3780 Series Cylinder Mortice Locks conform with Level D8 (Durability) Australian Lock Standard (AS4145.2-2008).
  • Anti-Corrosion
    All Selector® 3780 Series Cylinder Mortice Locks conform with Level C6 (168 hours) Australian Standard (AS4145.2-2008).
  • Cylinder
    Requires standard Lockwood oval shaped brass cylinders and brass barrels. Lockwood cylinders include bump resistant five pin tumbler mechanism.
    Functions require the use of different cams and adaptors.
  • Keying
    Restricted Special Keying
    Lockwood locks can be keyed to a number of controlled and/or specially keyed systems. These range from legally protected keys to protect against unauthorised duplication and can also include specially designed keying systems such as master key systems. This allows for different levels of mechanical access control.
  • Standard finishes
    Satin chrome brushed codepad and stainless steel mortice lock
  • Codepad Assembly
    High purity zinc alloy. 45mm wide, 164mm high, 52mm projection.
  • Extended Cylinders
    Modular Cylinder Extensions are available for thicker doors.
  • Rebate
    Rebate kits to suit 13mm standard rebate are available. Only suitable for use with 30mm and 38mm backset locks.
  • Electric Strikes
    Lockwood offers a wide range of electric strikes which are compatible with the Selector® 3780 Series Mortice Lock.

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