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Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix
The Australian Grand Prix has been held annually in Melbourne at the historic Albert Park Circuit. Since Melbourne began hosting the event in 1996, Safeguard Locksmiths was appointed at the same time as the preferred provider for all the locksmithing services to the entire Albert Park Grand Prix complex. We still maintains these locksmithing services today 25 years later. In fact the Australian Grand Prix Corporation has acknowledged our professionalism as a valued service provider by presenting Safeguard with a letter of support as below.


We were responsible for the design and installation on one of the biggest master key systems in Australia that would not only provide a superior security key system, but also offer the convenience of minimising the number of keys personals need to carry around.

Safeguard is known as the master keying specialist. Our highly skilled master key Experts knew that when a high level of security is required in a very large and complex master key system, the Galaxy locking system would be the best option. It ticked all the boxes and represented itself as a key system that offers the highest level of security and flexibility at an affordable price.

Safeguard’s experience with major projects is impressive.
Some of our past projects include:

  • The Hive
    Residential Apartment Development
    Thornbury, 8 Levels, 70 Apartments
  • Holme
    Residential Apartment Development
    Collingwood, 17 Levels, 160 Apartments
  • Will & Co
    Residential Apartment Development
    South Yarra, 10 Levels,70 Apartments
  • The Village
    Residential Apartment Development
    Cheltenham, 8 Levels, 170 Apartments
  • Pace of Northcote
    Residential Apartment Development
    Northcote, 8 Levels, 120 Apartments
  • Archer
    Residential Apartment Development
    Menton, 10 Levels, 90 Apartments
  • Living Carlton
    Residential Apartment / Housing Development
    1050 Apartments, 180 Units
  • Tullamore
    Residential Apartment Development
    Doncaster, 10 Levels, 110 Apartments
  • Elland Ave
    Residential Apartment Development
    Box Hill, 10 Levels, 105 Apartments
  • Lakehouse
    Residential Apartment Development
    South Melbourne, 9 Levels, 80 Apartments
  • 808 Sydney Road
    Residential Apartments
    Brunswick, 9 Levels, 95 Apartments